Here are some of the frequent questions that come up about Alternative Rock Variety @ MEGASHUFFLE.com

  • What are the ways to listen to Alternative Rock Variety?

Alternative Rock Variety can be listened to from our player on our home page. It can be found on TUNEIN.com under their Rock – Alternative Rock category. We are published on Online Radiobox.com. There are more directories we will be featured on coming soon.

Our Phone App
  • Why on some directories your stream is playing weird music?

The vendor we used in the past recycled our previous stream we used with them to another station.

  • Do you run ads?

No. However directories do. We do not profit or take part in the ads that run before, maybe during, or after our stream is chosen.

  • Can i listen on smart speakers?

YES. On Alexa – “Hey Alexa, play Alternative Rock Variety on Tune In” On Google – “Hey Google, play Alternative Rock Variety on Tune In”.

more to come.

  • Do you play listener submitted music?

NO. This is something we used to do but we are no longer taking submissions.